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Vessel power system ERS 2000/3000

The simulator provides, in accordance with the requirements of the STCW Convention, three levels of education and training:

1 Level of review and development.

2 НесNormal watch keeping.

3 Watch keeping in emergency situations, search, localization and troubleshooting.

The simulator is designed to train the watch engine department personnel transport vessel literacy skills exploitation of marine diesel power plant (MDPP) and Shipboard Electro Energy Systems (SEES), including:

- preparation and commissioning of machinery and systems;

- control over their operation on the measured parameters with the help of the alarm system;

- troubleshooting actions;

- MDPP control at vessel maneuvering.

MDPP includes:

- Vessel propulsion system (diesel - shafting - propeller - housing - steer) with remote automated control system (RCS).

- Cylinders and diesel injection system (high-pressure fuel pump, injector, working process in the cylinder, heat transfer).

- Turbo charging and exhaust gas system (including the turbocharger and air cooler).

- Fuel supply and fuel preparation system (tanks, pipes, pumps, separators, heaters, filters).

- Fresh water cooling system (tank, pipelines, valves, pumps, chillers).

- Seawater cooling system (pipes, valves, filters, pumps, chillers).

- Diesel engine lubrication system (tanks, pipes, pumps, separators, heaters, coolers, filters).

- Compressed air system (compressor, tanks, piping, valves, dehumidifiers).

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