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GMDSS simulator TGS 4000

The simulator is intended for training and certification of GMDSS operators.

The simulator provides the following features:

- Work in a network and single-user modes;

- Manage all devices ship's GMDSS radio station;

- Simulation of the radio by telephone, telex and DCC based on radio propagation;

- SSP (Tutor);

- Built-HELP-system for all devices;

- Background information on GMDSS theory and some editions of ITU;

- Displays received information both on simulated and on a connected external printer;

- Availability of e-cards with the base of coastal stations and an indication of the current position of the vessel;

- Ability to use two handsets

- Connecting external active woofers to keep listening watch on several channels;

- Ability to connect the console TGS-3000 with real VHF RT2048 control panels, VHF DSC RM2042, MF / HF RE2100, MF / HF DSC RM2150 / RM2151, Inmarsat-C H2095B (emulation mode only radio SAILOR Compact 200)

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