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Simulator of cargo ballast and technological operations on the tankers

The simulator is designed for the teaching and practical training of the tanker crews in features of cargo and technological operations management in accordance with the requirements of STCW-95, MARPOL 73/78 and other international rules and conventions, including:

- study of a tanker structure and design, its technical equipment and systems.

- learning its control systems and units;

- learning the parameters of monitoring system;

- learning the signaling and recording system parameters;

- learning the correct performance of technological operations in normal and emergency situations.

Practice of the standard operations under normal conditions includes:

1. Operations planning: developing Towage Plan and operations flow chart.

2. Calculation of the final and intermediate states of loading of the ship using Load Calculator program.

3. Carrying out inspections (checklists) in preparation for towage and auxiliary operations.

4. Carrying towage operations.

5. Conduct ballast operations.

6. Stripping of the tanks.

7.Tank cleaning with crude oil and water.

8. Ventilation, inverting and degassing of the tank.

9. Treatment and pumping of oil-contaminated water.

Training in the optimal control of the tanker systems and actions in emergency situations include:

1. Optimization of the composition and sequence of operations in order to save time.

2. Fault detection and troubleshooting.

3. Conducting operations in case of failure of individual system elements and mechanisms.

4. ТTraining in emergency response (cargo overflow, pipeline rupture, etc.).

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